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BOV with hose nipples for Liberty, KISS

CE approved BOV for use with CCR Liberty and compatible with KISS.

Supplied together with two clamping rings and BOV extension knob.

dimensions of hose nipple circumference: 38.1 mm, 1 1/2"

  • Item number: #8107
  • Item weight: 0.53 kg
  • Availability: in stock
$ 999.00

The bailout valve can immediately switch from rebreather to open circuit bailout in an emergency. There is no need to remove the mouthpiece from your mouth in such a dangerous situation as hypoxia, hyperoxia or hypercapnia. You make just one easy movement to switch to open circuit.

Liberty BOV is really unique. It is a gamechanger on the market thanks to its functional design and features. Even though it combines a standard mouthpiece with second stage regulator, it stays light and compact. It is neutrally buoyant which prevents jaw’s fatigue during long dives. It is designed to be versatile, it is possible to connect it to the Divesoft patented MAVs or to implement a built-in ADV. Modular design allows you to choose between a standard moutpiece or opt for a connector for a variety of full-face masks.

Dimension drawing is in "Files".