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Freedom dive computer

User Manual

User manual for FW version 1.13 (EN) 
Freedom Bottom Timer user manual 1.12 (EN) 
German user manual for FW version 1.5 
French user manual for FW version 1.11 
Italian user manual for FW version 1.11 
O2 cells connection cable - datasheet

Firmware upgrade

FW manager for Windows can automatically download the latest version of firmware from Internet or you can use firmware from a file (off-line). It is easy to install and use. No prior driver installation is necessary, no special IT skills required. 

FW manager for Mac computers. Download the file and try it. It is a new SW. Please report any issues. Thank you.

You can still use an older method of firmware upgrade: For upgrade, you will need the new firmware, upgrade manual loader program and device driver. The environment is avaliable for Microsoft Windows only. 
Since FW version 1.7, the package contains two files with firmware:
- FD.bin.enc is for older units with OLED display 2.0"
- FD3.bin.enc is for new version with TFT display 2.4"
It is not possible to upload wrong firmware into the computer. If the DSLoader program doesn't recognize TFT version (it says "Unknown device"), please update DSLoader (at least 1.5.5 required). 

12 April 2017, firmware 1.14 
- Gas consumption in planner
- SP automatic change improved
- Current line in menu highlighted
and many more, see Release notes

29 October 2015, firmware 1.13.5 (updated 1 Jul 2016) 
- Nitrox analyzer
- Repeated pO2 alarm (every 0.2bar above limit)
- Charger mode in off state (since 1.12)
- Redesigned Gauge mode with O2 sensor reading (Closed Circuit licenses only)
and many more...

8 June 2015, firmware 1.11 (updated 19 Oct 2015)
- Settable pO2 margins
- Stack time timer (CCR modes)
- Instant brightness change
and many more...

10 March 2015, firmware 1.10
- Works with MAC and Linux
- Multiple diluents in CCR mode
- SCR deco

7 October 2014, firmware 1.9
- Ceiling graph
- Vertical speed indication
- Average depth indication

29 July 2014, firmware 1.8 (updated 20 Aug 2014)
- Changed blue color shade for better readability (TFT display only)
- Corrected bottom gas in planner
- Stop miss alarm disabled in Follow ceiling mode
- Fixed GF bug in planner

23 June 2014, firmware 1.7
- bailout GF settings
- default gas mix setting
- faster graphics

2 June 2014, firmware 1.6 (TFT units only)
- initial release for TFT units
- low ppO2 alarm
- improved handling with bad ppO2 sensor (CCR mode) 

20 January 2014, firmware 1.5
- CCR mode (both measured pO2 and preset SP)
- up to 3 oxygen sensors
- plan computation can use gas switching
- flight mode

11 October 2013, firmware 1.4
- several errors corrected
- accelerometer starts reliably
- option: dive plan in reverse order
- average depth in current dive graph 

2 May 2013, firmware 1.3
- several errors corrected
- current plan available underwater 

26 April 2013, firmware 1.2
- corrected occasional hang and restart 

12 April 2013, firmware 1.1
- initial release