04. 07. 2016
On 5th and 6th July there is a public holiday in Czech Republic. All your e-mails and orders will be answered and solved on Thursday 7th July.
24. 05. 2016
We would like to inform you that Divesoft BOV is CE certified now. Right now it was added to our product range!
18. 03. 2016
FW manager for Windows can automatically download the latest version of firmware from Internet or you can use firmware from a file (off-line). It is easy to install and use. No prior driver installation is necessary, no special IT skills required.
30. 10. 2015
We would like to inform you that new firmware version 1.13 for Freedom computers has been just released!


The He/O2 Analyzer is an accurate tool for measuring the levels of oxygen, nitrogen and helium in breathing mixtures. It is a necessary accessory for technical divers who use nitrox and trimix mixtures.

DIVESOFT Analyzer is characterized by its high accuracy and reliability achieved by an innovative solution for measuring helium levels. This technology is based on the principle of speed of sound, and has been developed and patented by DIVESOFT. Thanks to this technology it isn't necessary to change the helium sensor, which is common in other analyzers.

Another advantage of the DIVESOFT Analyzer are his numerous functions and complements. The Analyzators have inbuilt calculator for gas mixing and can be connected to a compressor for guarding the oxygen level during continuous filling with monitory alarms. It is also possible to connect the aumotatic electromagnetic switch for turning off the compressor in case of exceding critical values. Via plug-in modules, it is possible to measure the electric voltage and resistance. This is especially useful in determining the charging status of diving flahslights and scooters, mainly then for determining the status of lightbulbs/vacuum tube.

The Analyzer is capable of detecting dificient air in case of a hypoxic mixture if there is no other inert gas apart from nitrogen present. In such case, it warns the user via the inscription "FOUL AIR". This function represents the basic safety advantage from other analyzers on both the domestic and international market.

The tool is equipped with a standard electrochemical oxygen sensor, which determines the oxygen levels. The helium level detection is based on the speed of sound, as each gas has different features based on its density. The analyzer generates sounds (clicking can be heard), which spreads throught the labyrinth filled with gass, on whose end they are detected by a sensitive sensor. The accuracy of the measurements is +//- 1%.

The Analyzer is equipped with numerous functions, however, its use is still very simple and intuitive. Flow limiter is placed on the ventil of the tank, the analyzer is turned on and thereafter it shows the levels of oxygen and helium in percentages.

  • OLED display
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Plug-in connector
  • USB connector
  • Rechargeable battery

  • Instant MOD and END calculation for measured gas
  • Faul air warning
  • Built-in mixing calculators
  • Continuous mixing mode with alert systems (it is possible to additionally connect the automatic electromagnetic switch for automatical turning off of the compressor in case of exceeding critical values
  • Gas purity mode for argon purity measurement, eventually for other gasses and their combinations, for example helium/nitrogen, helium/argon, hydrogen/nitrogen, hydrogen/nitrogen, hydrogen/argond etc.
  • Atmospheric pressure and temperature detection – recalibration after altitude and temperature change is not necessary
  • Connection to PC with the possibility of recording of measured data
  • Upgradable

  • Watertight case PELI #8015
  • Professional flow limiter #8021
  • Standard flow limiter #8020
  • Connection hose #8009
  • Ohmmeter #801
  • Voltmeter #8017
  • Measuring cables #8014
  • Power adapter with universal prongs #3026

The Analyzer is available as a set or stand-alone.
User manual download here